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Blima Garncarz




(Blima's return name, but Raizl's handwriting.) Got our letter of 4/20. Missed parents at seder. Working with cotton. Clean and light work, from 6a to 5p with an hour for lunch. Received parcel from Laya Dina.

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, Now we have your mail of 4/20 in front of us and we’re reading and crying. Sala, on these holidays we are so far apart from one another, everyone is dispersed over all the world. I feel so gloomy and how sweet it was at the seder table with our dear old father and our dearest Mother had everything prepared for him. But today, what a shame! Not a trace from anybody! We would like to know that they are alive and well, how happy we would be. Now Sala: Over the holidays we had four days off and spent the seder evening in much the same way as you did, in great sadness, remembering the family members. Well, you want to know where we’re working. Not with fine materials as you do, Sala, only with cotton, it’s clean and light work. We’re working regularly, from 6 to 5 in the evening with one hour lunch in between. Are you also working regularly or in shifts? How are you doing at work? What does cousin Achily look like, does she look good? Well, we are very happy about the mail from dear Chaim. Where is he and where does he work? I have no news of dear Jakub. We received two food parcels from Lajcia. Have you also received mail? A thousand regards and kisses. your sisters Rozia and Blima

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