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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel expresses the family's gratitude to Sala after she sent them money. She writes that she is proud of Sala for earning the money through her own work. Raizel continues to remind Sala that her friends and family anticipate a visit from Sala sometime soon.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Oh, what a wonderful surprise to receive money from you for the first time! We are not happy because you sent us so much money, but because you must be gratified to have earned it with your own two hands. But what can we do? Can you really not get time off, how terrible. But we keep hoping that you will come unexpectedly, because this week it was rumored that you had come. Some people even said, they saw you. Possibly they have a premonition of your arrival, may God grant us this. Now, to begin with, thank the Pachta family on behalf of our dear parents, who cannot put their gratitude into words. May God give them a good life for being like parents to you. Now you probably want to know what's doing with us, particularly the enormous inflation, the RM 10 come in very handy... Thank you very much. We received mail from our family in Wolbron. Uncle Alter moved from the apartment into the basement. Otherwise nothing new to impart. At present Dawid is home. We are all well, thank God, the children too. They are so much looking forward to seeing you. Maybe, maybe. Now I'm concluding with kisses and regards from our dear parents and all of us. Special greetings to Miss Ala and the Pachta family. I met Miss S., she asks you to remember that her brother is with you. Ruzka

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