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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




The family is excited to receive the first letter from Sala in weeks. However, they are shocked by the letter's cold, and apparently cryptic tone. Of note, the family is puzzeled by Sala's comment that her "legs now are better than they were at home."

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Oh, so finally you wrote! We were getting crazy again with worrying about you. Thank God a thousand times that we received mail from you. But wait! How cold the letter is you sent us today, not as it used to be. Sala, please write if you are well because we're struck by that in your card. In the end you even forgot to sign your name. Why? Oh, that this may mean something good! What do you mean by saying your legs now are better than they were at home? And now again, you wrote Gucia to send you something and we don't understand what [it is], you have to write more clearly. Maybe you can write directly and we would be less upset. Sala, please let us know if you need some money or postcards and we will send you whatever we can. We wait impatiently for the second card from you. We are very happy to hear that you are still with Ala. Please let Ala know that we received mail from you. I wrote her to ask why we didn't hear from you. I went to see her brother. Nothing special to add. Everything is alright here. Everybody is well. We send you warmest regards and kisses from all of us and the sister and children. Best regards to Ala. We'll send out a parcel. When will you come on vacation?

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