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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




In this note Raizel describes to Sala how upset their mother becomes upon hearing one of Sala's notes. Raizel continues Sala is a constant topic of conversation among the family and their visitors, including Ala who is visiting them at the time the letter is written.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Just today, Tuesday, 7/22/41, we received the 5 RM, just enough to buy a loaf of bread, but we are very pleased, because you will enjoy it. Yesterday, that is, Monday, we received the postcard and I didn't reply before we were due to receive the money. You know Sala, I just have to tell you, when I read the card to mother - she was just in "toyer" (?)- I couldn't read it to her, I just cried and don't ask me why, and with mother it was the same. We've been missing you more and more, now you've been there for 9 months. Oh Sala, we miss you even more, we don't stop talking about you to Ala for a second, particularly now, that your friend has to go back. We're very surprised that you don't know anything about this. I don't want to write you this, if it's avoidable, but don't loose hope, as you wrote yourself. God will help and with His help you will be well in the future also. But how much we would love to see you home! Oh .. we don't wear your houndstooth skirt or your little vest, so shall we send them to you? We hope to get good news from you. The very, very best. Regards from our dear parents Rozia.

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